MVMT Watches Review: Are they good enough?

Written by Paul Morrison
| Last Updated on August 5, 2021

MVMT, pronounced “movement”, is a brand that has made a name for themselves in a short amount of time.

They are a fashion watch brand and make beautiful minimalist watches.

MVMT promises high-quality products at a fair price, their mantra being affordable yet stylish minimalist watches. A watch made for millennials by millennials.

Is an MVMT timepiece worth the spend? Let’s find out.

MVMT watches review

How It All Started

Jake Kassan and Kramer LaPlante

The MVMT brand has two founders, millennial college dropouts, Jake Kassan and Kramer LaPlante. While they were college dropouts, they were not inexperienced.

Kassan was already earning money at the young age of 12 by selling lollipops in school. They were giveaways from his dad’s company, but Jake sold them for 25 cents each or 5 for a dollar.

When he reached the age of 17, he started a novelty t-shirt business, where he would drive to Santa Monica on weekends to sell his shirts. In order to do this, he used his car as collateral to get a loan from his father.

Eventually, he made a website, so as to not limit his reach to just customers from Santa Monica. He also made YouTube videos that gained more than 500 thousand views.

For LaPlante, he launched a wallet brand called Articulate Wallets on Kickstarter. These are affordable wallets that gave users easy access to their cash and cards. This project raised over $100,000.

Articulate Wallets

Together, Kassan’s online marketing strategies and LaPlante’s crowdfunding experience eventually helped them to start MVMT.

The Founding of MVMT

Jake and Kramer saw a problem: There were no watches marketed to their demographic in the watch industry.

They were millennials who had just graduated with little budget for watches, but still wanted something more stylish and fashion-forward.

MVMT became the SECOND-HIGHEST-funded campaign for a fashion brand in Indiegogo at the time.

While they only aimed for $15,000, they reached $219,898. The overwhelming response shows that the watch definitely had a market.

Since officially launching MVMT in 2013 in Los Angeles, they have sold more than 600,000 watches worldwide.


No doubt, MVMT has amazing marketing. With all that they do, through social media platforms, it’s no wonder they perform great as a company.

They use social media to get their marketing done. #JoinTheMVMT has 162,000 posts on Instagram from different influencers and happy customers, and their Instagram page has 1.1 million followers.

This really shows how popular and in-demand they have become.

In addition to their enticing feeling of inclusivity through the hashtag, they also have many advertisements online, and countless customers & influencers support the MVMT brand.

Movado Group

In 2018, MVMT was purchased by the Movado Group, which includes companies such as Lacoste, Tommy Hilfiger, and Hugo Boss.

This really speaks about the reputation of this company and the quality of its products.

A Closer Look at MVMT Watches

If you want to know whether it’s worth buying one of MVMT’s watches, you can head straight to the next section.


While very subjective, style plays a significant factor from casual to formal preferences.

MVMT watches feature classy and minimalist designs, so it’s a fine choice for your everyday gentleman or suit and tie party.

MVMT style


The movement of a watch can vary from automatic, mechanical, and quartz.

The type of movement that MVMT makes use of is a Japanese Miyota Quartz movement. Here’s a quick description so you can tell them apart.

Automatic Movement

The automatic ovement uses kinetic energy from your wrist is transferred to the watch, which drives the mechanism.

Mechanical Movement

This movement requires manual winding to operate the watch. The second hand on this moves in a smooth sweeping motion.

Quartz Movement

Quartz movement is powered by a battery. The second hand on this moves in ticks. There is a Swiss version of this and a Japanese version.

Are MVMT Watches Accurate?

Seeing as how MVMT uses Japanese Miyota Quartz, rest assured, you’re getting high-grade quality and superb value. Compared to Swiss movements, Japanese Quartz doesn’t fall too far behind.

In other words, don’t underestimate or undervalue Japanese Miyota Quartz.

Water Resistance

Water resistance is measured in ATM (atmospheres). This determines how deep a watch can go in the water if it can at all.

MVMT timepieces have some amount of water resistance, but it’s not recommended you use any of them for swimming.


Your standard MVMT watch will typically come with a stainless steel case, leather strap, and solid build, overall.

Fair to say, the materials used aren’t as cheap as you would think.


This usually would be made of stainless steel or titanium.

Titanium would be the more luxurious choice, as it’s lighter and stronger. Though stainless steel is more common, it’s a great material as it is. MVMT uses stainless steel for its cases.


This can be made of a variety of materials, like metal, leather, and even plastic.

For MVMT watches, the straps are usually made of leather, but they have models with stainless steel straps as well. Which one you choose all depends on personal preference.

Dial Window

The dial window can be made of sapphire crystal or mineral crystal. Sapphire crystal is stronger and most scratch-resistant, while mineral is cheaper but not as scratch-resistant and durable.

MVMT watches use mineral glass so while it’s not as resistant as sapphire, it’s not bad either.

Are MVMT Watches Worth It?

If you scour reviews and customer reviews online, you might find that some people disregard or discourage you from buying an MVMT watch.

People say MVMT overcharges its customers. But is that really true? So far…

  1. We know that MVMT “overcharges” its customers (based on reviews)
  2. Some say the piece itself feels cheap

But the problem is people compare MVMT to vintage timepieces and don’t REALLY understand the idea behind owning an MVMT watch.

MVMT reviews

If MVMT was as cheap as it is, how else did they sell and grow their brand over such a short amount of time?

No – it’s not just marketing.

The real reason why MVMT watches are great is that MVMT is a fashion watch targeted to those who want an affordable, stylish piece.

Check out more affordable watches under $200 here.

It’s not as sturdy as a Seiko or Citizen, but MVMT timepieces are fashion statements suited best for millennials who don’t have the budget to own expensive timepieces.

Back when Facebook ads weren’t a thing, MVMT was able to capitalize on this.

Fast forward to today, MVMT timepieces aren’t meant to last 3 to 5 generations. You’re buying into the marketing and lifestyle trend it offers.

So is it worth it?

If you want a classy daily beater with minimalist style on a budget, MVMT is a fine choice.

Maybe you need a watch to wear every day for work or general commute. Maybe you need a backup watch for semi-formal events in case your Rolex is in the repair shop.

Either way, MVMT timepieces aren’t bad. They’re decent.

Benefits of Owning An MVMT Timepiece


These are minimalist watches that seem more expensive than they are. It’s not a Rolex or an Omega James Bond, but it definitely will have you looking classy.

All watches from MVMT have a certain vibe to them, yet they differ enough to have variety.


These fashion watches are known for their style, but I wouldn’t say that quality is their best suit.

While they are definitely relatively premium-looking, they do not have the best materials or movement used.

But of course, MVMT watches come with an affordable price tag, ranging from around $95-$300, so it’s not really a deal-breaker.

While the Japanese Miyota quartz movement is a pretty good movement, the ones that MVMT use are sourced from China.

MVMT uses mineral glass for their dial window instead of Sapphire crystal, and that makes it a little less scratch-resistant.

However, I believe that MVMT watches have great quality. Being a fashion watch, it’s not at all meant for more hardcore watch enthusiasts.


MVMT watches guarantee quality. MVMT provides a 2-year limited warranty, covering and manufacturing flaws.

While it doesn’t cover water damage or other damages for their products, if you take care of your watch, it should be fine for years.

In addition, they also offer free returns and exchanges within the first 60 days for orders above $50.

All you have to do is email customer service ( and they will email a prepaid shipping label within 24 hours.

Once they receive the item, the refund will be given through the payment method.


When you enter their site, there will be a pop-up that lets you enter your email address for a 10% discount. There are also other promos you can look out for.

You might be able to get a hold of buy one gets one for 50% promo off on last-chance items.


MVMT offers free worldwide standard shipping. Expedited shipping is also available within the U.S., but at an additional cost.

International shipping usually takes around 3 to 14 days depending on the location.

According to their shipping policy, orders are processed and shipped within 24 hours.

MVMT Watches

Generally, it’s clear that MVMT watches are fashion-forward and stylish.

Their quality is good for their price point, and they have a warranty that covers 2 years. They’re a pretty popular watch brand, and buying one is sort of a status symbol for millennials nowadays.

Now that we’ve looked at their general specifications, let’s look at some of the individual watches.

Men’s Watches

Fashion watches are especially important for men since men don’t tend to accessorize.

So having a good-looking watch can definitely help keep you in style. MVMT has a wide variety of men’s watches to choose from, but here are some of my favorites.

MVMT Bristol

MVMT Bristol
  • Case Size: 39mm
  • Movement: Miyota Quartz movement
  • Water Resistance: 10 ATM/100 Meters.
  • Materials: Stainless Steel
  • Glass: Hardened Mineral Crystal

This brushed silver stainless steel band and navy blue watch face no doubt make a very sexy watch. Wear it every day, wear it to a cocktail party, or wear it to the beach!

Any casual event goes well with the MVMT Bristol.

It gives a different vibe from other watches, giving it a very classy and minimalist, yet modern feel.

Instead of a leather strap, this has a stainless steel chain. This definitely doesn’t look cheap, and will definitely turn heads.

It is 10ATM water-resistant, so it’s definitely safe when washing your hands and accidentally catching a few splashes or if you were caught in the rain, there would be no worries.

This also has 3 hands, which includes a second hand.

MVMT Revolver Bronze Age

MVMT Revolver Bronze Age
  • Case Size: 41mm
  • Movement: Miyota Quartz movement
  • Water Resistance: 5 ATM/50 Meters.
  • Materials: Sage Green 100% Genuine Leather and Stainless Steel
  • Glass: Hardened Mineral Crystal

This is a beautiful MVMT watch with a minimalistic dial. Instead of numbers, it has simple markings. While it may be a little hard to read at first, it is easy to get used to.

It is sage green, with bronze detailing on it, giving it a vintage feel.

However, this only has 2 hands so if you prefer having a second hand or more, this is not the watch for you.

It has a sage green leather strap that is interchangeable if you get an extra strap. The leather strap is made from authentic cowhide leather, so it does have a luxurious feel to it.

While it is water-resistant at 5ATM, it is not recommended to swim in this.

MVMT Classic Black

MVMT Classic Black
  • Case Size: 45mm
  • Movement: Miyota Quartz movement
  • Water Resistance: 3 ATM/30 Meters.
  • Materials: Black 100% Genuine Leather and Stainless Steel
  • Glass: Hardened Mineral Crystal

This is a classic.

It’s a watch that SCREAMS minimal, all in black, with a black finish stainless steel case. It has a red logo on the top and a red second hand.

There is a date window on the 3 o’clock position.

If black isn’t your thing, there are also many other colors with the same design, such as tan and rose gold. I personally prefer how smooth the black version looks. You can also customize it by changing the strap.

This is 3ATM water-resistant, so it’s safe from washing your hands with it, but I would highly discourage swimming with this.

Women’s Watches

MVMT did not overlook women when thinking about their watches. They included a broad collection of women’s watches.

MVMT Lexington

MVMT Lexington
  • Case Size: 28mm
  • Movement: Miyota Quartz movement
  • Water Resistance: 3 ATM/30 Meters.
  • Materials: Rose Gold Ionic-Plated Stainless Steel
  • Glass: Hardened Mineral Crystal

This has a beautiful rose gold case, perfectly sized to fit a woman’s wrist.

It has gorgeous rose gold finishing, making it look elegant. The stainless steel strap is interchangeable, so if you would prefer a different style, you just have to order an additional strap from them.

This is 3ATM water-resistant, meaning that it is not suitable for swimming. But would you want to bring a watch like this swimming either way?

The hands are also gorgeous with their rose-gold accent and tones.

MVMT Skylar

MVMT Skylar
  • Case Size: 24mm
  • Movement: Miyota Quartz movement
  • Water Resistance: 5 ATM/50 Meters.
  • Materials: Stainless Steel
  • Glass: Hardened Mineral Crystal

Unlike the other MVMT watches discussed, this has a rectangular case. It gives the watch a different feel. It has a date window on the 6 o’clock position.

One downside to its minimalism is that it may be harder to read, as there are no guiding dots or lines along the sides. Nevertheless, it is a classy, elegant watch.

This has 5ATM water resistance, but with all of MVMT watches, it is suggested not to swim with them. However, I would say you can safely wash your hands while wearing this watch.

MVMT Ghost Iris

MVMT Ghost Iris
  • Case Size: 36mm
  • Movement: Miyota Quartz movement
  • Water Resistance: 5 ATM/50 Meters.
  • Materials: Grey 100% Genuine Leather and Stainless Steel
  • Glass: Hardened Mineral Crystal

This MVMT watch really gives a beautiful vintage finish.

This has a rounder finish, making it the most feminine among other watches. The rose gold accents make it look elegant and luxurious. Just like the others, this has a stainless steel case.

This comes with a leather strap, but like with all their models, the straps can be changed.

I would say this particular design would be better for a casual look compared to the other women’s watches shown earlier.

This comes with 5 ATM water resistance.

Other MVMT Products

MVMT is not just a watch company, they are a fashion brand. While their watches are their main focus, they also sell other products like jewelry and eyewear. Just like the watches, these all come at a fair price.

Their jewelry includes rings, necklaces, and bracelets for men and women. They’re all pretty minimal, yet stylish.

Their sunglasses come in a variety of styles: aviator, rectangular, and round.

In addition, some of their sunglasses have blue light protection lenses. Their blue light glasses help to protect us from the blue light emanating from our computer screens.

All these products are great, but they don’t hold a candle to the designs of the watches.

MVMT Watches Review from Customers

So far MVMT watches seem great, but don’t just take my word for it. Here are some reviews I found online.

After checking one of the MVMT watches on Amazon, and it had a 4.6/5 star rating. Here is the best and the worst review.

 Beautiful watch! It is easy to remove links to make the band smaller.

MVMT review 1

This review gave the watch a full 5 stars. It shows that the watch definitely made a happy customer. There were also plenty of other 5 star reviews. In fact, 79% of the reviews were 5 stars.

Glass defective; pain in the ass to deal with company.

MVMT review

This was a 1-star review. However, it is important to note that only 3% of people gave this watch a 1-star review.

Overall, MVMT has gained a majority of happy customers, so I would say that based on user reviews, they make good watches.

Why Should I Choose an MVMT Watch Over Other Watch Brands?

The main reason someone would choose MVMT would be for their look. They definitely appear gorgeous and classy.

If you wanted a fashion-forward watch that made you look sleek, then you should go for this.

Of course, other watch brands have beautiful watches too. But of course, they don’t have the same flair that MVMT watches do, as they are unique and stand out.

MVMT is fairly priced, as a fashion watch company.

Some hardcore watch enthusiasts may not find this appealing due to the lack of extra luxurious materials.

However, the aimed demographic, young millennials on a budget, would definitely love an MVMT watch.

How Do I Buy From MVMT?

To buy any of their products, you just have to go to their website.

Once you’re there you can browse their collection and add anything you want to your cart. Then you can check out. You can choose to sign in, create an account or checkout as a guest.

Assuming you haven’t entered it in an existing account yet, you will have to fill in your shipping details, choose your delivery method (standard shipping is free), and enter your payment information.

Should You #JoinTheMVMT?

After reading this MVMT watches review, there should be no question on whether you want to order an MVMT.

What I can say here, is that their quality is great for its price, and it comes down to which watch suits your style.

When it comes to MVMT watches, less is more. With its minimalist design, it makes you look very put together.

Overall, I think that if you like how they look, an MVMT watch is definitely worth your money.

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