Best automatic watches under $200

Written by Paul Morrison
| Last Updated on August 18, 2021

There’s a common misconception going around that automatic watches have to be expensive. That you’d need to spend a fortune just to own a beautiful and functional automatic watch.

In this review, we’ll make sure to prove otherwise. There’s a ton of automatic movement watches in the market that won’t break your bank!

Want to know what these are? Keep reading, and let’s go!

Best Overall

Orient Bambino 5

Best Value

Seiko SNK355

Seiko SNK355

Best Budget

Invicta Pro Driver

Invicta Pro Diver

Here Are the Top 8 Best Automatic Watches Under $200

  1. Orient Bambino Version 5
  2. Seiko SNK355
  3. Invicta Pro Diver
  4. Orient Mako II
  5. Seiko SNK805
  6. Vostok Amp
  7. Seiko Recraft
  8. Citizen NH8388 Eco-Drive

Orient Bambino Version 5

Best Overall

Orient Bambino Version 5

The Orient Bambino line has a wide selection of watches for men. Whether it’s an everyday watch you’re looking for or a fancy accessory, the Orient Bambino line is here for you.

Now, the watch subject to our attention is Version 5 in the Bambino line. It has the most beautiful look, thanks to its stainless steel case and stunning blue dial.

It gives the whole timepiece a clean and elegant finish which we love.

The blue dial stands out, which is why we love wearing this timepiece every day!

It can easily transform our look into something even more. The durable mineral crystal protects everything on the dial to make sure we enjoy this timepiece for decades.

Although it’s not as scratch-resistant as sapphire glass, it nevertheless gets the job done well.

And if you flip this watch on its back, you’ll be delighted to find a stunning skeleton case back. You can see the internal mechanism of this watch, and marvel at its movement.

Who would’ve thought the Bambino held such a beautiful secret?

Finally, one of this Orient watch’s main selling points is its in-house automatic movement, which hacks and hand-winds. It also has an essential date function, a feature we want for an everyday watch.


  • Beautiful and timeless design
  • Uses Orient’s reliable automatic movements
  • Sports a case size fit for any wrist size
  • Clean looking dial


  • Model: RA-AC0007L10A
  • Case Size: 40.5mm
  • Features: Date Window; Hour, Minutes, and Second Hand
  • Material: Stainless Steel Case and Bracelet; Blue Dial Color; Mineral Crystal Window
  • Movement: Swiss Automatic
  • Water Resistance: 30 meters

Seiko SNK355

Best Value for Money

Seiko SNK355

If you’re looking for a watch that comes with excellent value for money, the Seiko 5 series is the big winner. The Seiko 5 line comes with many models, offering the best features for a relatively low price.

Nearly everything in the line looks great and comes with excellent value for money. And the SNK355 model is a fantastic watch from the line.

This Seiko 5 has an excellent looking case shape and size, considering the price. It has a nice clean finish and looks well on the wrist.

It makes a great looking dress watch! You don’t have to buy a Rolex just to look good on any occasion! The SNK355 Seiko 5 watch is something you’d want to have on your wardrobe.

This Seiko watch is water-resistant for up to 30 meters and makes use of a Japanese automatic movement. You don’t have to hack or hand-wind it!

If you’re looking for more dress watches, check out this article.



  • Model: Seiko SNK355
  • Case Size: 37mm
  • Features: Day and Date Function; Hour, Minutes, and Second Hand
  • Material: Stainless Steel Case and Bracelet; Silver Dial Color
  • Movement: Japanese Automatic Seiko caliber 7S26
  • Water Resistance: 30 meters

Invicta Pro Diver

Best Budget Pick

Invicta Pro Driver

One look at the Invicta Pro Diver and you’ll probably ask yourself, “Why does it look familiar?” Well, it’s because this piece resembles the Rolex Submariner dive watch!

Despite the similarity in appearance, the two are still very different.

And one glaring difference is, of course, the price. The Pro Diver costs only 1/10 of the Submariner dive watch, but it’s nevertheless a great go-to automatic dive watch.

The Pro Diver has some tricks up its sleeves, to make it nearly as great as the Rolex Submariner. And the best place to start is the impressive water resistance of the Pro Diver.

This Pro Diver sports 200 meters of water resistance and a screw-down crown. You can enjoy wearing this even when you go for a dive!

It also sports a unidirectional rotating bezel, a feature that’s difficult to find on an affordable watch under $200! Plus it has up to 41 hours of power reserve!

So this is pretty much a winner for us already, when we think of dive watches!

The Pro Diver comes with a pretty decent build quality, making sure it lasts us decades! It sports a stainless steel bracelet and case, making this watch a beautiful piece to showcase every day.

And also worth mentioning is the stunning skeleton case back of this watch. It’s something you’d want for a design feature!

For a watch that offers such great features for a low price, choosing the Pro Diver is a no-brainer!



  • Model: 8926OB
  • Battery: 1 Lithium Metal
  • Case Size: 37mm
  • Features: Date window; Luminous Hands and Hour Markers;
  • Material: Stainless Steel Case and Bracelet; Black Dial Color; Mineral Crystal
  • Movement: Japanese Automatic
  • Power Reserve: 41 Hours
  • Water Resistance: 200 meters

Orient Mako II

Orient Mako II

Another incredible timepiece is the Orient Mako II. You’ll get loads of features in this piece and let us tell you why.

The Orient Mako II is packed with many features, considering it’s only less than $200!

It measures a water resistance of up to 200 meters and sports a screw-down crown. It’s pretty much a great dive watch without spending a fortune!

We also love the fact that the Orient Mako II sports a hand-winding and hacking in-house automatic movement. We can always be on the go with the Orient. Perfect!

The Orient Mako II has a relatively large case size, protected by a relatively scratch-resistant mineral glass.

Nevertheless, it fits well, regardless of wrist size! And the size is just enough for us to enjoy the dial design.

The dial is pretty simple, but stunning. It sports luminous hand and hour markers, and a day/date window. Simple and functional!


  • Very water-resistant
  • Uses Orient’s reliable automatic movements
  • Very affordable considering the excellent features it comes with
  • Comes from a reliable manufacturer


  • Model: FAA02001B9
  • Case Size: 41mm
  • Features: Date window; Luminous Hands and Hour Markers;
  • Material: Stainless Steel Case and Bracelet; Black Dial Color; Mineral Crystal
  • Movement: Hand-Winding, Hacking Automatic Movement
  • Power Reserve: 40 Hours
  • Water Resistance: 200 meters

Seiko SNK805

Seiko Men's SNK805

Another terrific Seiko watchmaking it to this list is the SNK805. And we aren’t at all surprised, considering the incredible reputation Seiko holds.

One look at the Seiko SNK805 and you’ll know it’s an automatic watch you’ll enjoy wearing every day. It looks very simple and striking at the same time, with its beautiful green color.

The dial face sports big Arabic numerals, luminous hands and markers, and a day/date function. Overall, the face is simple and functional. As we said, it’s a perfect everyday watch.

The Seiko SNK805 comes with a nylon strap, giving it a rugged appearance. However, if you want to dress up this Seiko piece, you can easily replace it with a leather strap of your choice!

Overall, the Seiko SNK805 looks so relaxed thanks to its fun and quirky design. With its strap and dial color, you won’t find a watch that’s as fun as this.


  • The case size is ideal for any wrist size
  • One of the most affordable automatic watches in the market
  • Comes from a reliable watch brand
  • Perfect for everyday use


  • Model: SNK805 
  • Case Size: 37mm
  • Features: Day/Date window; Luminous Markers;
  • Material: Stainless Steel Case; Green Dial Color; Hardlex Crystal; Nylon Strap (interchangeable to leather strap)
  • Movement: Japanese Automatic Movement Caliber 7S26B
  • Water Resistance: 30 meters

Vostok Amphibian

Amphibia Vostok

The Vostok Amphibian is a Russian dive watch that’s sure to make a run for your money. And we’re not even kidding!

When it comes to design, the Vostok Amphibian probably had the funkiest, weirdest, and quirkiest of them all.

And you know what, we love it! If you’re looking for a one of a kind watch design, the Vostok Amphibian is an excellent choice.

The Vostok Amphibian stands out because of its beautiful turquoise dial color. It reminds us of the sea, which is what the watch is meant for!

Believe it or not, this quirky looking watch means business. It’s water-resistant for up to 200 meters, perfect for swimming and diving! It has a screw-down crown, so you’re sure water will never go in.

And for only less than $100, what do you have to lose?

The Vostok Amphibian is one of those automatic watches that’s hard to come by. With its outstanding design and features, why not have this quirky piece with you?


  • Perfect dive watch
  • Has a rich military history
  • Fun and quirky design but fits with any style
  • Sports a bi-directional bezel


  • Model: 710059
  • Case Size: 41mm
  • Features: Date Function; Luminous Dots and Markers;
  • Material: Stainless Steel Case; Turquoise Dial Color; Hardlex Crystal; Nylon Strap (interchangeable to stainless steel)
  • Movement: Automatic Vostok Self-Winding Movements
  • Water Resistance: 200 meters

Seiko Recraft

Seiko Recraft SNKP27

If you love vintage looking things, then we’re sure you’ll enjoy the Seiko Recraft. If you want to look like a person from the past, wear this timepiece, and you’ll look the part.

The Seiko Recraft is one of those timepieces you can fall in love with immediately. With its unique square case and green dial color, it looks refreshing and different at the same time!

The back is just as impressive as the front. If you flip the Seiko Recraft over, you’ll find a beautiful skeleton case back! What a surprise!

You just can’t find a watch that looks anything close to the Seiko Recraft these days! This is why we’re more than happy to find a watch that pays homage to the ’70s.

The features of the Seiko Recraft are pretty basic. It has a day/date function at the 3 o’clock mark and is water-resistant for up to 50 meters.

The Recraft is a blast from the past. You can look like your favorite icon from the ’70s with this one.


  • Stunning 70’s design
  • Beautiful skeleton case back
  • Sports the basic features
  • Looks well regardless of style


  • Model: SNKP27
  • Case Size: 39.5mm
  • Features: Day/Date Function
  • Material: Stainless Steel Case; Green Dial Color; Hardlex Crystal; Leather Strap
  • Movement: Automatic Self-Winding Mechanical Movement
  • Power Reserve: 41 hours
  • Water Resistance: 50 meters

Citizen NH8388 Eco-Drive

Citizen NH8388-81

Finally, this list won’t be complete without a Citizen watch on it.

Now, Citizen makes some of the best watches even up to today. The NH8388 is an excellent example of their excellence and craftsmanship, which we are more than happy to share with you.

The face of this timepiece looks very beautiful. Each part seems distinct! Your large arrow makes up the hour hand and the orange marker for the minute hand. With such a bold and distinctive look, you won’t have a hard time telling the time.

You can also find your basic day/date feature at the 3 o’clock mark, which comes pretty handy when we need it.

The unidirectional bezel looks slightly off with this one because it’s in the 4 o’clock position. It required some getting used to, but after that, we’re all good!


  • An ideal watch for people with large wrists
  • Bold looking face
  • Accurate timekeeping accessory
  • Comes from a well-known brand


  • Model: NH8388
  • Case Size: 46mm
  • Features: Day/Date Function
  • Material: Stainless Steel Case and Bracelet; Black n Dial Color; Mineral Crystal
  • Movement: Japanese Automatic Self-Winding Movement
  • Water Resistance: 100 meters

Buyer’s Guide to Automatic Watches

Looking for that one perfect watch might seem like an easy task, but knee-deep in your search you’ll soon realize it isn’t.

Whether you’re looking for a quartz watch, mechanical watch, smartwatch, and many more, there are a few things you’ll need to know.

No matter how different watches look and function, there are common vital factors you’ll need to watch out for. Let’s get to know each of them!

If you’re looking for something with a bigger budget, check out the best automatic watches!

Watch Material

The first thing you should always ask yourself “What material is the watch made of?” As much as possible, your first choice should always be a durable watch made with high-quality materials.

And no, just because it’s durable and made of quality materials doesn’t mean it’s expensive. Like most watches we’ve mentioned in this list, they’re made with durable materials to last you a lifetime.

Stainless steel is an example of a great material. It provides good durability for the price, and it gives off an excellent aesthetic appeal. It’s easily a great go-to option for anyone.

Now if you’ve got a few more bucks to spare, you can go for watches made with ceramic or titanium materials. The two are great examples of what indestructible watches should be made of.

The same goes when you’re looking at the strap. You want to make sure that the material is something that can withstand the test of time.

A rubber strap, for example, makes a tremendous long-lasting strap. It’s affordable and comfortable on the wrist. Although it’s not something you’d want to wear on a fancy occasion.

Leather straps are always a great choice if you want a fancy watch to take on those special occasions. But they don’t come cheap.

Watch Glass

Another factor you’d want to look at is the watch glass. The glass is the part of your watch that protects the dial, so it’s only fitting that you make sure it’s durable.

In general, $200 watches come with quality glass material.

You’ve got your mineral crystal option, and many more! If you’re willing to spend a little more, you can go for a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal watch surface!


Enough about the looks of the watch. It’s time we go a little deeper and talk about its internal mechanisms.

Watches come in different movements. You’ve got your automatic movement watches, like in this list, you’ve also got quartz movement watches and many more.

Quartz movement is probably one of the most affordable out there, which makes it a great choice at all times.

It’s a great movement because it doesn’t have too many moving parts inside the watch. Not to mention, quartz watches are also very accurate. Not bad!

If you want to up your game a little bit, consider getting a mechanical watch. Fair warning, mechanical watches tend to be expensive because often it is handmade.

Rest assured, mechanical watches always make a great accessory on your wrist.

Water Resistance

A standard watch feature these days is water resistance. Even affordable watches come with essential water-resistant features! Why is it necessary in the first place?

Well, consider water to be the number one enemy of watches.

Once water gets in, you’ll be in for a disaster! This is why even the smallest water resistance measure is good enough compared to nothing!

If you’re looking for a very water-resistant watch, you’re better off with dive watches. But do note, it could get expensive at times.


Finally, the most important thing you’ll need to consider is the Brand of the watch.

There’s a ton of watches out there, with each brand offering a price range different from others. What should you choose?

In general, choosing a well-known brand is highly recommended. They’ve got years of experience to back them, and a ton of knowledge on how to make watches.

Thus, they’re most likely to develop great performing watches regardless of price range!

If you want to play it safe, we recommend going with a watch brand you’re already familiar with. As much as possible, you don’t want to put your money to waste.

If you don’t know what to look for, we’ve written an article on the best affordable watch brands.


That’s about it for our review of the best automatic watches under $200. We made sure to list only the best watches for the price point. And honestly, everything we’ve mentioned is pretty much a deal you don’t want to miss out on.

We hope you enjoyed this review! Let us know in the comments section below which automatic movement watch you enjoyed. We’d love to hear your thoughts.

And don’t forget to share this article with your friends and family. They might just be looking for the best automatic watch like you, within the $200 or lesser price points.


Orient Bambino Version 5


Orient Bambino Version 5


What Makes a Great Affordable and Automatic Watch?

You can always buy the best automatic watches even if you’re working with a budget. For as long as you know what to look for, you’re off to a good start.

First, you want to make sure that the watch material is made of stainless steel because of its outstanding durability for the price range.

Next, you want to choose a watch that uses sapphire crystal glass, especially if you intend to use the watch all the time. But mineral glass should do the trick as well, for the price range.

In terms of water resistance, the minimum measure you’d want to look for is 10 meters. It should be enough for everyday use, without worrying about accidental water splashes.

Finally, you want to make sure that it has an excellent build quality and appearance. After all, watches make one of the best fashion statements out there.

Do Watches Under $200 Have Features?

Yes, they do! Although it might not be as great as more expensive watches, they’re nevertheless decent for the price range.

A feature you’d want is your day/date function, which adds loads of convenience in the long run. Nearly all sorts of watches have this!

Another feature most watches also have is the glow in the dark hands and hour markers. It makes it very easy to tell the time even at night.

And like what we’ve said above, even affordable watches are water-resistant. Although it’s not as great as dive watches, it still does the trick.

Where Can I Buy Automatic Watches Under $200?

Looking for automatic watches under $200 isn’t impossible. You can find it nearly in every watch store you go to! You can even buy watches online! So you definitely won’t have a problem in this department.

Regardless of where you intend to buy the watch, make sure you get it from a reliable seller. This is especially true if you’re buying from a third-party seller!

With the advent of technology and online shopping, you can’t help but find several bogus sellers online. Thus, it always is best if you choose wisely where to buy your watch.

We recommend that you always look for a warranty from the seller, especially in the long run. In case something goes wrong with your watch, you can take it back for repairs or replacements!

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