Best Orient Bambino Watches (Review): Highly Affordable Dress Watches

Written by Paul Morrison
| Last Updated on June 2, 2022

Imagine preparing for a formal or business event in the next few days.

You want to leave a great impression. Everything must come into place.

On the day, you woke up early to fix yourself. You took a bath longer than usual as you did your hair yourself.

Straight from the closet is your formal attire, thoroughly washed and dried overnight.

As you were dressing up, you looked at your reflection in the mirror. You noticed something’s missing.

Your wrist screams empty because really… you need a head-turning dress watch to impress the ladies and your folks.

The only problem is the price tag.

But here’s some affordable news. You don’t need to settle with luxurious models to get the best features of a timepiece.

In this article, you’ll find a handy list of well-equipped watches at affordable prices from Orient.

Through the help of the buyer’s guide, the best Orient Bambino for your ideals will be strapped to your wrist before cocktails at 6 P.M.


Orient Bambino Open Heart


Orient Bambino Small Seconds


Orient Bambino Version 5

Orient Bambino Version 1

1. Orient Bambino Open Heart

The Orient Bambino Open Heart deviates from the Orient Bambino dress watch series collection.

This dress watch retains the domed dial and crystal style of Bambino Orient watches. Yet, its skeleton-style layout makes the difference by standing out in class.

One thing we love is the classical appeal the Open Heart exudes. Its classic dress watch appeal shines brightly in a busy and crowded room.

It’s probably due to the open-heart view of the watch’s automatic movement, allowing you to PEEK inside the watch’s most intricate parts. You can find the Orient Bambino Open Heart at the 9 o’clock position.

It has a transparent case back to let you watch the automatic movement in operation – making it a BONUS for dress watches in the price range of this watch type.

What makes this model unique is its integration of the Orient Calibre F6T22. Expect to see this movement in an open-heart watch type.

And finally, we rest our case with this. It’s so affordable you could send your kids to college easily even if you bought it RIGHT NOW!

The only drawbacks? It doesn’t have a date window. And its accuracy could be improved.


  • Lightweight (2 ounces)
  • Comfortable fit on the wrist
  • 1950’s classical design
  • Visually appealing and conversation starter
  • Affordable


  • Model number: RA-AG0005L10A
  • Casing dimensions: 40.5-mm long, 12.0-mm thick
  • Casing material: Stainless steel
  • Weight: 2 ounces

2. Orient Bambino Small Seconds

Orient Bambino Small Seconds

Sometimes, it’s hard to deal with many hands in your dress watch.

Many people find the second hand distracting when telling time. But not this watch.

Not with Orient Bambino Small Seconds. Looking at the Orient Bambino Small Seconds reminds us of our prime years, looking incredibly sharp, classy, and bold in a suit and tie.

The “Small Seconds” is ACTUALLY far from small too. The Arabic numerals combined with analog hands make it an easier, effortless read.

Formal look? Casual-dress ensemble? First date? Or even, a high school reunion? These are the perfect events to take the Orient Bambino Small Seconds.

That’s not all.

Expect touches of vintage and classy thanks to the brown leather strap!

Just imagine…wearing this watch with a t-shirt and shorts while sipping on coffee and eating avocado toast in an outdoor cafe would definitely get heads turning!

Now its technical features:

  • The Orient Bambino Small Seconds keeps everything simple and practical in time-telling. Besides the small seconds subdial, it has easy-to-read hour markers and a date window.
  • Like the Open Heart Orient Bambino, this model allows you to see through its case back, allowing you and the crowd to appreciate the fine workmanship.
  • You also get MORE dial and case color options.
  • You can have a silver, yellow gold, or rose gold case. Meanwhile, you can opt for any of these dial colors: black, cream, and white.

Our only complaint? The strap feels cheap. Regardless, it’s well worth the price.


  • Highly affordable
  • Versatile piece for casual, formal, and dress occasions
  • Easy readability
  • In-house movement has decent accuracy


  • Model number: RA-AP0003S10A
  • Casing dimensions: 40.5-mm long, 12.0-mm thick
  • Casing material: Stainless steel
  • Weight: 2 ounces

3. Orient Bambino Version 1

Orient Bambino Version 1

You saw how great the Orient Bambino series collection of dress watches with the first products on this list. Well, Orient Bambino Version 1 is the foundation for the later models of the brand.

Going back to the original version, you find the classic Version 1. It comes with a thick set of hour markers that make time-telling EASIER.

These markers are rhomboidal in shape. Does that matter?

IT DOES IF you want a timepiece that strays from the traditional design and anything LESS than ordinary.

But here’s what makes it STAND OUT even more: It’s ridiculously priced below $110! And for the price, you get the following:

  • A 41-mm case diameter, a RIGHT FIT for smaller wrists.
  • Hands and hour markers that are incredibly easy to read and a clear reflection of its formal look together with the case and dial face
  • Watch collectors COMMEND this piece for being one of the best automatic entry-level watches
  • You have the control to recharge the watch for power reserve. Also, you can manipulate the date and hands in a manual setup.

Apart from this watch’s brilliant elegance appeal, if the original colors don’t sit well with you then…

The pink gold color dominates the classic Version 1 look that blends with the black leather strap.

You also have a white dial with a silver, rose gold, or yellow gold case. Otherwise, you have a black dial that comes with a silver or rose gold case only.

The biggest downside is the cheap leather strap and its accuracy loses 1 to 2 seconds a day. For us, it’s not a HUGE issue.


  • Distinct hour markers make it SUPER easy to read
  • Perfect fit for smaller wrists
  • Budget-friendly – inexpensive
  • Elegant – Smart business casual look


  • Model number: FAC00001B0
  • Casing dimensions: 40.5-mm long, 12.0-mm thick
  • Casing material: Stainless steel
  • Weight: 8 ounces

4. Orient Bambino Version 2

Orient Bambino Version 2

You might expect that Version 1 of the Orient Bambino watch series would be the most vintage or elegant.


Version 2 became one of the best-selling timepieces throughout history?

Compared to the first version, this version seems MORE CLUTTERED with its dial. Despite this, it still showcases a clean look that many sophisticated & luxurious-looking dress watches present to its users.

If the dial already look cluttered itself, its thinner hands give users breathing space.

Moving a bit away from the center, you have the hour markers indicated in Roman numerals.

This is a CLEAR DISTINCTION between Version 1 and 2. While Version 2 has Roman numerals, Version 1 doesn’t.

Personally, we prefer the design of the 2nd Version. So who would love this watch? Well…

  • Someone who wants a classy watch ideal for formal occasions
  • You want great build quality and finish at an affordable price
  • Classy and affordable describe you as a person

Another component that gives this model a vintage look is its onion crown. This larger and tapered crown emerges from one side of this version’s thicker watch case for durability.

When it comes to dial colors options, you can choose from these color schemes: black, white, and off-white. Among these color layouts, the off-white version turned out to be the most popular.

No wonder people look after this version as it is reminiscent of old-school dress watches.


  • Overall vintage look
  • Tapered crown for easier winding
  • Thicker case for durability
  • Perfect formal timepiece


  • Model number: FAC00009N0
  • Casing dimensions: 40.0-mm long, 12.0-mm thick
  • Casing material: Stainless steel
  • Weight: 8 ounces

5. Orient Bambino Version 3

Orient Bambino Version 3

You witnessed how Orient Bambino Versions 1 and 2 stood out as classic and elegant watches.

Well, Version 3 offers a new look and style that became an instant fan favorite

Here’s why:

  • Its ultra-modern style is a whole NEW take on Orient Bambino watches – a guaranteed scene-stealer.
  • If you’re sick with numbers, this model is for you – you only have to deal with the numbers displayed in the date window.
  • Instead of numbers, you can see thin, clean lines around the dial with thin indexes displaying the hour markers.
  • To better distinguish the 3, 6, 9, and 12 o’clock markers from the rest, they appear bolder and thicker.
  • This model has square hands that resemble the thicker hour markers. You’ll be mesmerized once the watch hands align to hour markers.

With these features, it’s CLEAR Version 3 took things to a whole new level.

A watch enthusiast will tell you that its minimalist style is their main takeaway from this Bauhaus-inspired model.

As for the watch case, you could only get a silver case with this model, but you have more dial color options. Depending on your style, you can choose a white, navy blue, dark grey, or black dial.


  • Minimalist look and style
  • Less numbers on the dial
  • More dial color options


  • Model number: FAC0000DD0
  • Casing dimensions: 41.0-mm long, 12.0-mm thick
  • Casing material: Stainless steel
  • Weight: 8.11 ounces

6. Orient Bambino Version 4

Orient Bambino Version IV

What a thrilling time travel it was going from Versions 1 to 3. You had the classic Versions 1 and 2 until you encountered the modern-looking Version 3.

If you might ask, Version 4 is the epitome of all the models in this watch series collection:

  • Once you inspect its dial, the first thing you would notice is its slimmer hands and markers comparable to those of Version 1. These slim hands share the same color as the markings.
  • To distinguish the second hand from the hour and minute hands, it comes with a red-colored tip.
  • You can also tell the hour markers apart from other markings with their more rounded shape tapering at the end.
  • Version 4 also features a date window with a white border like the first version.

Despite these similarities with other versions, Version 4 still offers a unique feature you will love.

Its sunburst dial spices up things in the Orient Bambino watch series. The sunburst dial offers the following dial colors: blue, green, and grey.

As with other versions, you can only choose a particular color for your dial with its corresponding case/s.

The blue dial matches its silver casing, while the green one blends with a yellow gold casing.

The grey dial also comes with a silver case, but it has bronze indexes. You’ll never find this perfect match in other models.


  • Distinct red-tipped second hands
  • Sunburst dial for elegance
  • More options for leather straps


  • Model number: FAC08004D0
  • Casing dimensions: 41.0-mm long, 11.0-mm thick
  • Casing material: Stainless steel
  • Weight: 8 ounces

7. Orient Bambino Version 5

Orient Bambino Version 5

You thought Version 4 was amazing? Wait till you take a peek at the Orient Bambino Version 5!

The dial of the Bambino Version 5 is perhaps the BIGGEST change compared to all the previous versions.

While some appeared “crowded” and “messy,” Version 5 is simple, classy, and sports a more modern dress watch vibe.

The leaf-shaped hands, Arabic numerals, dotted second indicators on the outer edge of the dial, and the case all tie this watch together in one word: BEAUTIFUL.

As for the date window, it reflects a minimalist vibe that matches the classy tones of Orient’s Version 5 model.

Between the black and brown leather straps, we love the rose gold model with brown leather strapped on.

Overall the Version 5 is one of our favorite Orient Bambino models we’d love to get our hands on – solid build, classy design, reliable movement, and an affordable offer that’s hard to beat.


  • Classy, modern dress vibe
  • Simple, practical, and easy readability
  • Great movement
  • Solid build quality


  • Model number: RA-AC0003S10A
  • Casing dimensions: 40.0-mm long, 13.0-mm thick
  • Casing material: Stainless steelwork
  • Weight: 2 ounces

Buyer’s Guide

Going through the list of incredible products takes some time. But don’t worry!

We’ve outlined this Buyer’s Guide to guide you in buying that perfect Orient Bambino watch.

Generation 1 vs. Generation 2

One thing you should know when choosing an Orient Bambino watch is its naming convention.

Getting to know several versions of Orient Bambino watches is already an arduous task. You should familiarize yourself with Orient Bambino watch generations: Gen 1 and Gen 2.

  • Only Bambino Versions 1, 2, and 3 have both the Generation 1 and Generation 2 models.
  • Expect to have the Bambino Generation 2 model ONLY with Version 4 and Version 5.

Different Orient Bambino watch versions vary their dial’s designs. Meanwhile, the Orient Bambino watch generations have their unique internal automatic movement mechanics.

At this point, you already have a background on the Orient Bambino Generation 1 and Generation 2. With that, it might be better to give you better comparison and contrast touch-ups of these two Bambino generations.


The most striking difference between Orient Bambino Generation 1 and Generation 2 watches might not be even the most obvious one.

  • Inside the watches, you’ll see the Orient Calibre 48743 powering Generation 1 models.
  • Meanwhile, an upgrade of this movement, Orient Calibre F6724, controls Bambino Generation 2 models.

They might be distinct from one another, yet, both are reliable, as proven by many users.


The F6724 movement (Gen 2) comes with extra useful features, namely hacking and manual hand winding functions.

The Bambino Generation 2 Calibre F6724 has related yet distinct versions for the Bambino Open Heart Orient and Small Seconds models.

The F6T22 and F6222 movements operate Orient Bambino Open Heart and Small Seconds, respectively.

Finally, the classic Orient Star incorporates the second-generation automatic movement.


The fine line that separates Generation 1 and 2 watches is an actual correction of a typographical error.

Above the 6 o’clock marking is the phrase “Water Resist” on Generation 1 models. Many people pointed out this error.

As expected, Orient Bambino hears the call of its customers and makes up for this error. Generation 2 models would then have “Water Resistance” printed instead.


Amidst all these differences, there are unifying similarities to Orient Bambino watches.

Casing Dimensions

At first glance, you can tell that Orient Bambino watches are BIGGER than your typical dress watch. Except for version 4, any Orient Bambino model has similar casing dimensions.

A typical Orient Bambino watchcase has a 40.5-mm diameter and 12-mm width. Its 21-mm lug width might be a problem when finding replacement straps.

Domed Crystal

One of the highlights of Orient Bambino watches is their large domed mineral crystal. This feature unravels the elegance and charm of Orient Bambino models.

Screw-Down Caseback And Trademark Crown

Most people love the screw-down caseback and trademark crown of Orient Bambino models. The inscribed Orient logo on the caseback metal completes the charming look.

You can also see the Orient logo stamped on the metal piece of the leather strap.


It’s tough to pick the best Bambino Orient model from the list. You can’t deny the unique features that you get from each model.

The truth is, it’s up to you to decide which model suits your style and occasion. This also depends on the features you mostly want to get your hands on or if aesthetics matters to you more.

Needless to say, all the models showcase a touch of class, great craftsmanship, and a unique look that clearly defines Orient.

Case and point: No single penny will go to waste with any of the presented models.

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Our Favorite

Orient Bambino Version 5

Orient Bambino Version 5


What’s the Best Bambino Orient Watch?

There is no single winner in this category as each model has its advantages. People have different preferences, especially in watches. But personally, we prefer Small Seconds or Orient Bambino’s Version 5 model.

What Orient Bambino Watch Should You Buy?

With all the outstanding features in each Orient Bambino watch, you might expect that these models would be expensive in the first place.

Yet, you can even buy two or more models of the same price as a similar model from other brands.

In that case, either model is a great option.

What’s So Great About Orient Bambino Watch?

At this point of the article, you saw the BEAUTY of Orient Bambino watches. Each model exemplifies how Orient Bambino products stand out from the rest.

Among the Orient Bambino models, you also saw how the brand brings fresh, unique designs to the table with every release.

Apart from the solid all-around quality of the Bambino models, the affordability is a spotlight stealer.

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