Best Seiko Watches For Men

Written by Paul Morrison
| Last Updated on August 27, 2021

Seikos are everywhere. You can walk into a Walmart or log on to Amazon and come out with reliable sports wristwatches from this Japanese watchmaker without emptying your wallet.

But Seiko isn’t just popular because they’re cheap. Seiko democratized quality wristwatches by having a watch for every price point. Seiko even has automatic watches under 200 dollars!

So whether you’re a luxury watch collector, a casual enthusiast, or simply someone who needs a timekeeper on your wrist, there’s bound to be one for you.

We listed the 10 best Seiko watches for every budget, so you can take your pick and decide which one fits your taste.

Best Overall

Grand Seiko White Snowflake

Grand Seiko Heritage Snowflake

Best Value

Seiko King Turtle SRPE07

Seiko Prospex King Turtle

Best Budget

Seiko Men's SNK805

Seiko SNK805 Automatic

TL;DR: The 10 Best Seiko Watches For Men

  1. Grand Seiko Heritage Snowflake
  2. Seiko Prospex King Turtle
  3. Seiko SNK805 Automatic
  4. Seiko Presage Cocktail Time
  5. Seiko SKX
  6. Seiko Astron SAST009G Solar GPS
  7. Seiko Coutura Line Radio-Sync Solar
  8. Seiko Prospex Alpinist SARB017
  9. Seiko Recraft
  10. Seiko Men’ s Year-Round Stainless Steel Solar Powered Watch

1. Grand Seiko Heritage Snowflake

Best Overall

Grand Seiko White Snowflake

This isn’t your department store Seiko men’ s watch. The Grand Seiko is Seiko’s answer to Swiss luxury watchmakers, and the products in this line show Japanese precision and attention to detail.

The Grand Seiko Heritage Snowflake runs on Seiko’s unique Spring Drive technology. It combines the best of two worlds: mechanical and quartz watch technology.

The high torque, beautiful, sweeping hand movement of a mechanical; and the accuracy of quartz come together to create a unique, truly different perception of the passage of time for the wearer.

You won’t be able to tell just how well-engineered this watch is from the outside. Its dial is a simple, yet classy textured white, a homage to Japanese purposeful minimalism.


  • The lightweight titanium case is comfortable on the wrist
  • A great “Goldilocks” size for every wrist: not too big, not too small
  • Convenient power reserve indicator complements the dial


  • Movement: Caliber 9R65 Spring Drive; self-winding; 32,768 Hz. frequency
  • Case Size: 41mm
  • Case Material: Titanium
  • Crystal: Anti-reflective sapphire
  • Water Resistance: Water resistant to 100 meters
  • Model/Reference: SBGA211

2. Seiko Prospex King Turtle

Best Value

Seiko King Turtle SRPE07

The Turtle, appropriately named after deep-sea turtles who can dive over 1,000 meters underwater, is one of the most universal dive watches that you’ll find on the wrists of any collector.

While it doesn’t have the prestige of a Rolex Submariner, both beginners and more discerning horologists agree that the King Turtle offers incredible value for the price.

As part of the Seiko Prospex Mechanical Dive Watch line, the Turtle’s unique case shape makes it stand out from the more popular Submariner-inspired diver’s watches.

Inside, you’ll find the ever-reliable in-house automatic movement.

Coupled with its stunning blue dial, evocative of the deep blue sea, this balanced timepiece is the best example of why Seiko is the king of great value timepieces.


  • Accessible mechanical watch for beginner enthusiasts
  • 40-hour power reserve
  • Versatile looks suit any occasion


  • Movement: Caliber 4R36; automatic; 21,600 BPH (3 Hz.) frequency
  • Case Size: 45mm
  • Case Material: Stainless Steel
  • Crystal: Sapphire with magnifier
  • Water Resistance:Water resistant to 200m
  • Model/Reference: SRPE07

3. Seiko SNK805 Automatic

Best Budget Pick

Seiko Men's SNK805

You would have a hard time finding a watch enthusiast who has not, at one point, encountered the Seiko 5. It is arguably the first serious watch of most collectors.

And how could it not be? At less than 100 dollars, the SNK805 is cheaper than some fashion watches of poor quality. It’s hard to find a watch in this price range with quality on a par with the SNK805.

On the inside, the SNK805 is a workhorse. Its 21-jewel automatic movement, assembled by Seiko in-house, gives poor-quality quartz movement “signature” fashion wristwatches a run for their money.

The SNK805 sports a vintage look that collectors of military-style field watches will be familiar with. Coupled with a nylon strap, it is one of the most comfortable timepieces you could ever wear.

You can read more about the Seiko SNK line here.


  • Comfortable on your wrist
  • Clean dial design
  • One of the best mechanical wristwatches for the price


  • Movement: Caliber 7S26B; automatic; 21,600 BPH (3 Hz.) frequency
  • Case Size: 37mm
  • Case Material: Stainless Steel
  • Crystal: Mineral
  • Model/Reference: SNK805

4. Seiko Presage Cocktail Time

Seiko SRPB43

If you like the value proposition of the Seiko Prospex but you’re turned off by the bulkier case and cluttered dials, then the stripped-back Presage might be a better fit.

The Cocktail Time is part of the Presage line of dress watches. And judging by its simple yet classy looks alone, this is one watch you can take with you to any cocktail or ballroom and turn heads.

Its gorgeous sunray dial is itself eye-catching, the subtle indentions in its faint blue dial capturing the dilations of ocean waves. The silver complements the comfortable black leather strap Seiko provides.

The silver hands and markers and a simple date box complement the simple but visually rich dial. The mechanism inside is also equally gorgeous, visible through a transparent case back.

Equally fascinating on the inside and out, the Cocktail Time is proof that minimalist designs need not be boring.


  • Dress watch fits the business and black-tie occasions
  • Classy, beautiful, yet non-obtrusive
  • Reliable mechanical movement with 41-hour power reserve


  • Movement: Caliber 4R57; self-winding; 21,600 BPH (3 Hz.) frequency
  • Case Size: 40.5mm
  • Case Material: Stainless Steel
  • Model/Reference: SRPB43

5. Seiko SKX

Seiko SKX007J1

The Seiko SKX007 is a cult classic diver watch with a minimalist design. Yet its design doesn’t take away the functionality of this universal favorite, especially among divers.

Some of its design is certainly inspired by Swiss diving watches. The unidirectional bezel and luminescent hands and hour markers are ever-present.

Yet even with these common features, the SKX stands out with its attention to detail even at this price point. For starters, the day-date window is perfectly aligned to the center of the black dial.

Then there’s the case, with the heft of quality stainless steel; the bezel lines up perfectly; and the lume, as is their trademark, shines bright even in the depths of the sea.

That this watch is worth its price tag is almost criminal, especially with the value it provides. The SKX007 is not at all an awful choice for your first foray into the world of watch collection.


  • Minimalist but functional
  • Bright lume is convenient, especially at night
  • Black dial on black strap matches any outfit


  • Movement: Caliber 7S26; self-winding; 21,600 BPH (3 Hz.) frequency
  • Case Size: 42 mm
  • Case Material: Stainless Steel
  • Water Resistance: 100m
  • Model/Reference: SKX007

6. Seiko Solar Astron GPS

Seiko Astron GPS Solar

The Seiko Solar Astron GPS is a turning point for wristwatches. Though the Astron is essentially a solar-powered quartz watch, don’t let that fool you into thinking it’s not worth the money.

And here’s the reason: GPS. The Astron Solar GPS synchronizes to world time by receiving GPS signals from four or more satellites automatically once a day, or manually.

In an era of smartphones and smartwatches, you might think that this feature is pointless.

But if your job disconnects you from the Internet, or you’re on your way to net detox, then the Astron isn’t a terrible choice.


  • Timeless black watch dial with bronze and gold-tone combination accents
  • Quick sync at 6 seconds (30, when changing time zones in a new location)
  • Convenient 24-hour and time zone sub-dials


  • Movement: Solar-powered quartz (battery needed)
  • Case Material: Stainless steel
  • Case Size: 47mm
  • Crystal: Scratch-resistant sapphire crystal
  • Model/Reference: SAST009G

7. Seiko Coutura Line Radio-Sync Solar

seiko ssg010

If the incredible technology of the Seiko Astron GPS is too expensive for you, another creative watch line could fulfill your need for an accurate time.

The Coutura is a radio watch, so no matter where you are in the world, your time will sync perfectly through the radio signals around you.

It’s also quite the looker on dressier occasions when you need something more presentable. The foolproof black color-gold tone combination will turn heads.


  • Convenient chronograph and world time sub-dials
  • Syncs to 25 time zones
  • Water-resistant feature works well


  • Movement: Solar-powered quartz movement (battery needed)
  • Case Material: Stainless Steel
  • Case Size: 44.5mm
  • Crystal: Synthetic sapphire
  • Water Resistance: 100 meters
  • Model/Reference: SSG010

8. Seiko Prospex Alpinist

Seiko Men's Stainless Steel Japanese-Automatic sarb017

Versatility is the name of the game with the Alpinist. It can be as casual as you want it to be, with a nylon strap; or as formal as you want it to be, with a leather strap.

And it’s exactly because the Alpinist fits any occasion and frankly suits all kinds of men, that it’s popular enough to sell out popular retailers, and even Amazon for a time.

Fortunately for us, Amazon and Seiko came to an agreement, and you can still get your hands on an Alpinist if you wish.


  • Water-resistant
  • The thin case is discreet enough to be a dress watch for any occasion
  • The green dial and gold-tone complement each other quite well


  • Movement: 6R35, 70-hour power reserve
  • Case Material: Stainless Steel
  • Case Size: 39.5mm diameter; 12mm thickness
  • Crystal: Synthetic sapphire
  • Water Resistance: 200m
  • Model/Reference: SARB017 (a new edition, Reference SZSB018, was released January 2021)

9. Seiko Recraft

Seiko Men's SNKM97

Wristwatches these days straddle between minimalist chic and complicated contemporary dives. So when the Recraft series was released, fans enthusiastically embraced its retro stylings.

Though the Recraft has the typical circular dial of most timepieces, its rounded square case would remind you of the adventurous geometric designs of the 1970s.

Even the movement of the Recraft follows nostalgia. The 7S26, first introduced in 1996, isn’t exactly a relic of the ’70s. But its grittier finish, as seen through the mineral case back, is sentimental.

Yet even with its vintage aesthetic, the Recraft doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb. Instead, it looks fresh; modern, yet unique. The Recraft is Seiko’s bold experimentation done right.


  • Thin enough to be used as a dress watch
  • Fits perfectly on both small and large wrists
  • Convenient day/date window


  • Movement: 7S26
  • Case Material: Stainless Steel
  • Case Size: 43.5mm
  • Crystal: Hardlex
  • Model/Reference: SNKM97

10. Seiko Men’s Year-Round Solar Watch

Seiko SNE473p1

The Seiko Men’ s Year-Round Solar Watch is a solid casual timepiece for the budget market. With a price tag of just a little over 100 dollars, its reliability, performance, and good looks can’t be beaten.

It’s a hybrid between a minimalist watch and a bold one. The clean watch face, in emerald green, and the subtly embedded day/date window are unassuming and quite plain.

But the Men’s Year-Round still makes a statement with its large, bold, and easy-to-read Arabic numerals. The thick stainless steel case complements the leather of this watch.

In an era where minimalism makes time harder to read – never mind that it’s truly the ultimate purpose of any watch – this change of pace is refreshing.


  • Easy to read numbers
  • The versatile watch face can be worn casually or in business meetings


  • Movement: Solar-powered quartz (battery needed)
  • Case Material: Stainless Steel
  • Case Size: 44mm
  • Crystal: Mineral
  • Model/Reference: SNE473P1

Buyer’s Guide

An Introduction to the Seiko Product Lines

Seikos are popular. Very popular. So we understand how it could get confusing to pick and choose which ones are suitable for your tastes and budgets.

With this buying guide, we’ll introduce you to the most common Seiko products, arranged by price point. We’ll start with the most expensive, then move down to the budget picks.

Grand Seiko

The Grand Seiko is the luxury offering of the Japanese watchmaker. Though it launched as a brand worldwide only in 2010, it’s been a mainstay in Japan for 60 years.

The most coveted items from this category are the Spring Drive Grand Seikos which feature products such as the GS Heritage Snowflake that we reviewed above.

Prices from GS range from as little as 2,200 dollars (affordable, by luxury standards) and as much as 60,000 dollars (on a par with Swiss luxury and heritage brands).


It might shock you to know that Credor is a Seiko brand at all if you’re a casual watch fan. But the Credor truly is, and it’s even made in the same mountains as the Grand Seiko.

And just like the Grand, the Credor appeals to more discerning enthusiasts. With exquisite open-worked dials and the proprietary Spring Drive, it can certainly demand the prices it charges.


Besides the Seiko 5, there is no other Seiko brand more popular than the Prospex. The Seiko Prospex is the universally revered value proposition for both the newly-initiated and long-time enthusiasts alike.

The Prospex follows the design cues of diver watches, but its Sea, Sky, Street, and Land lines offer distinct features from each other.

The Prospex Sea is a dive watch collection and has the best water-resistant capabilities. The Prospex Sky is a cross between a dive watch (because of the bezel) and a pilot watch.

Meanwhile, the Prospex Street and Land models are more rugged, bolder timepieces with bigger numerals and dials.

The Prospex retails for around 400 dollars to 800 dollars, though limited edition products can cost more, hitting 5,000 dollars.


The Presage is Seiko’s line of dress watches with different styles to suit all kinds of men. This line of wristwatches are more suitable for business and formal functions.

If you’re not a fan of the bulkier Prospex, then the Presage is a great watch to choose. It’s simple, but it has all the things you need in a good watch: a reliable mechanism, and a timeless design.

A Presage will set you back a bit priced over 400 dollars, though you could also find limited edition timepieces going for around 2,000 dollars.

Seiko 5

If you’ve heard of Seiko, you’ve likely heard of its most famous watch line, the Seiko 5. It’s dependable and attractive, with diverse design elements, all uniquely appealing for different kinds of men.

This product line has incredible dollar-for-dollar value. No other watch offers reliable mechanical movement for less than 100 dollars like this one does.

The cheapest quartz models cost around 60 dollars, but if you want to spend a few more on a mechanical, the SKX models that we reviewed above cost around 90 dollars.

Other Unique Models

We mentioned the general popular product categories from the brand, but there are other unique watches that you could watch out for.

The Astron refers to Seiko’s line of GPS-enabled wristwatches. The Coutura is their radio watch, which references atomic clocks for the best accuracy. These two models often run on solar quartz.

Seiko is also often compared to Citizen. Read our head on head comparison in this Seiko vs. Citizen article.


There’s no doubt that Seiko makes some of the best watches on the market. With its expertise in watchmaking for all budget points, you can’t go wrong with a Seiko watch.

We hope this article helped you find your watch match. Seiko watches truly are excellent, and we highly recommend that you try them out.


Grand Seiko Heritage Snowflake


Grand Seiko White Snowflake


What’s the Best Seiko Watch?

If you had all the money in the world, there’s no doubt that the GS Heritage Spring Drive is the best watch to buy. Wearing one is wearing a piece of fine craftsmanship and engineering genius.

Which Seiko Watch Should I Buy?

Not everyone has the money to spend on a GS price tag, so we won’t hesitate to recommend the Seiko King Turtle as a great value dive watch for the money.

If a dive watch isn’t your style, then dress watches like the Presage Cocktail Time are a good choice.

If you’re not keen on the fussiness of automatic movement, you can’t go wrong with any of Seiko’s quartz watches. Seiko’s quartz movement is made completely in-house, so you’re sure of the quality.

Are Seiko Watches Any Good?

If you need a reliable and accurate watch, Seiko is what you want to get. They’ve been in the business for over 139 years, so they have mastered watchmaking and became quite efficient at it.

Where Is Seiko Made?

Seiko is a homegrown Japanese watchmaker whose parts are all made in-house in its factory in Japan.

When it was founded in 1881 by entrepreneur Kintaro Hattori, no one expected that Seiko would be the watch brand to threaten the Swiss.

Before he manufactured watches, Hattori opened a repair shop and fixed all kinds of timepieces from wall clocks to pocket watches.

He then opened his own shop, produced his own pocket watch, then thereafter, the wristwatch. And then, a revolution.

With the original Aston watch, Seiko led the Quartz Revolution which propelled Japanese watchmaking forward.

To date, only Japanese watchmakers can threaten the Swiss at their own game.

Their efficiency is unrivaled by any other watchmaker. With wristwatches at different price points, one would expect a deterioration in quality.

Not so with Seiko, whose budget watch offerings are coveted even by the most discerning watch enthusiasts.

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