Vincero Watch Review: Are Vincero Watches Good?

Written by Paul Morrison
| Last Updated on May 4, 2021

If you are a watch lover like myself, and you’ve been anywhere near social media, then you have definitely seen a Vincero watch advertisement.

No doubt, they have excellent marketing. But do they live up to their hype? That is the question that I will answer today.

The type of watch you wear says a lot about you, and if a Vincero suits your brand, then you might want to consider getting one.

Welcome to the ULTIMATE Vincero watches review.

Chrono S Collection

Vincero Chrono S

Chrono S Black

Kairos Collection

Vincero Kairos

Kairos Brown Leather

Eros Womens Collection

Vincero Eros

Eros Rose Gold

How the Vincero Watch Brand Came to Be

Vincero is a relatively new brand founded in 2014.

This means they are still fresh in the watch-making industry. Despite this, they have managed to build quite a name for themselves thanks to killer marketing.

Vincero was started by three friends, Tim, Aaron, and Shaun.

They moved to China together and decided they wanted to make a revolutionary watch different from inexpensive watches that were low quality, and overpriced mass manufactured watches.

Their vision? To bridge the gap in the watch market by making luxury watches at an affordable price.

The Meaning Behind Vincero

“Vincero” translates to “I will win” from Italian.

It’s a message that Tim, Aaron, and Shaun want to convey to their fellow Vincero customers: when you buy a Vincero, you are a winner.

They promise luxurious quality at an affordable price, and they promise not to cut corners for profit. Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it?

Vincero Watches Review

In this review, I will give only the facts, and by the end, you can decide for yourself what Vincero watches are worth. Here’s a quick summary to start off.


  • Classic minimalist design
  • Water-resistant
  • Case made out of surgical grade stainless steel
  • Two-day return and 24-month warranty
  • Free shipping


  • Mineral glass coated in sapphire crystal – in short, they cut corners
  • Stiff leather strap
  • Quite large in size for a dress watch

Who Is a Vincero Watch For?

There are several things to think about before buying any of the Vincero watches. For one, the design itself. Then there’s also the price and the quality.

So who would love to wear this classic, minimalist timepiece?

Vincero watches are targeted towards middle-classmen, who want a luxurious and minimalist timepiece on a budget.

Who shouldn’t buy a Vincero timepiece then?

Those looking for the most high-end timepiece, with sapphire crystal glass and a titanium case.


If you’re not fully convinced, let’s break it down further below.

What You Can Get From Buying Vincero Watches

There are many things to love about Vincero watches, from their design to their customer service. In fact, I would call this an all-around brand.

So far, with their marketing, they talk the talk. And they definitely look great. But what kind of benefits do you get from buying a Vincero?

Let’s Take a Look at the Features

Does It Feel Cheap?

Vincero watches all have a classic minimalist design that many look for. No doubt, that just by its looks, people would be interested.

Their cases are made out of surgical-grade stainless steel, giving it great durability and years and years of a rust-free watch.

They also seem to showcase motivational words at the back of each case “VENI. VIDI. VICI.,” which means “I came. I saw. I conquered.”

As “cool” foreign words go, what strongly appeals to me is how wearing a Vincero watch makes me feel like a winner.

In order to further brand their timepieces, they include a piece of circular Italian marble on their case back.

They have some level of water resistance which varies per design. This makes it safe for rain or washing your hands, so go ahead and splash on it…if you’re the clumsy type.

Maybe even light swimming, though I warn you, this is not a dive watch.

What About Shipping?

Vincero watches come with free shipping worldwide, right to your door. So no matter what part of the world you are in, shipping costs should not deter you from purchasing a Vincero.

Now, Let’s Talk Movement, Caseback, and Dial Window

Vincero uses Citizen Miyota Quartz Movement.

It’s a decent movement that is fairly accurate. Of course, it is not Swiss, nor is it Automatic. I would say that for $200 they definitely could have done better, although it’s still good for its price.

The men’s watches have a fairly large case and dial, making it a little bulky for a dress watch.

But for larger hands or people who want something equivalent to a head-turner vibe, this should be no problem.

What about the leather?

The watches that have Italian leather are quite stiff and require breaking in. This is something I found unusual, and I hope in the future they are able to fix this issue.

As for the dial window, well…

Vincero watches have a mineral glass dial window that is sapphire coated.

Don’t mix it up. It is not a sapphire crystal dial window. Although this helps it be more scratch-resistant, it doesn’t make it as strong as sapphire glass.

This was somehow a way for them to cut corners for profit – something they promised they didn’t do. It is slightly disappointing, however, I think the warranty period makes up for this shortcoming.

Small Batch Manufacturing

One thing that makes Vincero great is that they do not mass manufacture their products.

This means every product has adequate quality control. Rest assured, when you buy from Vincero you are investing in a timepiece with good build quality.

Kind of makes you wonder though…how do they deal with all their orders? Given that they’re growing quickly in popularity.

No Resellers

In terms of sales, you buy directly from them.

There aren’t any resellers that can get between you and the watch like most other brands. However, this does mean you will be unable to go to a shop and look at it before buying.


Vincero watches come with a 24-month warranty, which is great because it guarantees quality.

Although they won’t cover damages that you did to your watch, they make sure there are no manufacturing problems.

While this is not a lifetime guarantee, I think a 2-year warranty is more than enough to make sure that there are no problems with the watch.

Customer Service

The owners of Vincero actually decided to take on customer service by themselves, meaning that you get a personal experience.

You get top-quality customer service from experts, rather than having it outsourced.

Introducing the Watches: Vincero Watches Review

Of course, I won’t be discussing every single watch that they sell. I will, however, be discussing some of their top sellers.

Most of their watches sport consistent quality across the board and only really differ in design. Therefore if you want a different watch from what I’ve mentioned, it shouldn’t differ too much from what I will be discussing.

If you are having problems picking out the best watch for you, then there is also a quiz on their site that helps you pick a watch for your needs.

For the sake of not repeating myself, I will only be discussing the unique aspects of each watch.

Men’s Watches

Vincero Chrono S Watch Review

Vincero Chrono S

The Chrono S is one of Vincero’s more popular series.

This watch has a chronograph design. Just like any chronograph watch, it has three knobs on the side and different sub-dials.

One of its chronograph functionalities includes a built-in stopwatch. The dials on the side control the stopwatch function.

The price point ranges from $149-$189. This was the first collection of Vincero and embodies the Vincero brand. As you can see, the makers of this watch gave it meticulous attention to detail.

In other words, I wouldn’t buy it for its looks but for its legacy-in-the-making style that showcases Vincero’s first debut.

The Chrono S has an Italian leather strap. While it’s very beautiful, it is also pretty stiff. It may take some breaking in to be comfortable to wear.

If leather isn’t your thing, then you may want to opt for the steel straps. These are available in some of the color variants.

If you have your color preferences, there are also a wide array of color combinations to choose from.

This is 50 meters water resistant (5ATM). Not bad for its first timepiece, right?

The Chrono S is no doubt an elegant timepiece. It can be used for any occasion, and will definitely get you some compliments and a few head-turners at a party.

Looking for something else? Check out the Best Automatic Watches under $200.

Vincero Kairos Watch Review

Vincero Kairos

The Kairos series features truly minimalist watches.

It’s what this line SCREAMS about.

The design is classy and simple, and all for the price of $149. Instead of having several sub-dials, it has a date window and the usual features as you would expect from a minimalist watch.

Just like the Chrono S, the Kairos watch gives you choices on which strap you would prefer.

This also comes with 100-meter water resistance (10ATM), so if you want to be able to tell the time while swimming, you might like this.

If you want something simple and minimalistic, then this would be the choice for you.

While not overly unique in design, it is clean-cut and elegant. You can’t go wrong with this if price-friendly and minimalism sit at the top of your list.

Women’s Watches

Vincero Eros Watch Review

Vincero Eros

Of course, women shouldn’t be left out of the equation, and Vincero definitely did not overlook this. This watch, similar to the Kairos, is a minimalistic watch.

It has Roman Numerals on the 12 and 6 of the chapter ring.

Unlike the Kairos line, it doesn’t have a date window. This has its advantages and disadvantages. While it doesn’t display the date, it looks cleaner and more simple.

The different color variants and straps you can choose from, whether it be mesh metal or a leather strap, make it so that anyone can enjoy the design’s simplicity and elegance.

Unlike the men’s watches, this one is only 3ATM water resistance, meaning it’s only rainproof.

This is for the ladies who want something elegant and classy to complete their look.

Vincero Kleio Watch Review

Vincero Kleio

The Kleio watch is similar to the Chrono S – also a chronograph watch. The difference here is the lack of a date window while also being smaller and daintier to better suit female hands.

It is beautiful and elegant, and same as the others, with customizable straps and a wide array of color variants.

Just like the Eros, this watch is only rain resistant (3ATM)

The Kleio is surely something that would compliment your style for different occasions.

Compared to the previous women’s watch above, the Kleio is much more versatile in matching several occasions from dress to casual events.

Any of these watches are bound to complete your look and make heads turn.

Reviews from Others

You might not be AS CONVINCED with what I have to say, so here are some opinions to help ease any of your questions or doubts.

Here are the two top reviews of the Vincero Chrono S on Amazon, one positive, and one negative.

The following is a 4-star review.

“Unless you’re a watch enthusiast, you’ll like the watch. The watch looks good and doesn’t seem to have any issues. However the band is holding this watch back. at $40 per band (last I checked) it gets a little expensive to change how it looks. Now I want to mention that my experience with the band may not be representative of everyone else’s, however within a week the fixed sleeve (to hold down the strap while in use) has broken entirely at one end. So keep in mind that unless my experience was 1 in a million, they’re getting these bands (at least) from a Chinese factory for something like 2 bucks, then charging $40 per extra band.

I’m docking 1 star because of the initial band quality to price ratio, even accounting for the typical jewelry markup, it’s just impossible to ignore the low-quality band. I would dock two stars, but the band looks great and is fairly comfortable.” – Customer

In this review he says that the watch would be excellent for a non-watch enthusiast, and I do agree with him. While it is a beautiful watch, there are many things that are lacking.

The following is a 1-star review.

“Great looking watch, very comfortable and fits well. Unfortunately, I received the watch and after wearing it 6 times the clasp side broke off when attempting to take the watch off. In such a short amount of time, this could not be due to normal wear and tear. I emailed three times regarding the issue, attempting to get a new band and received no response. Very disappointing customer service and I would not advise buying unless you can afford to lose $160.” -Steven

So Where Should I Buy Vincero Watches?

Clearly, you can see the mixed opinions people have on this controversial brand. Some people hate it, and some people love it.

However, if you want the best customer service, I suggest you buy from their online shop.

In Case This Watch Is Not for You…

So far Vincero watches have been beautiful, but with mixed reviews. It might be a risk to buy one, but if you are really in love with the look, then by all means, get a Vincero watch.

But in case you want some alternative brands that are also high quality, you can take a look at these few.

Orient Bambino (2nd Gen) Automatic Stainless Steel Watch

Orient Bambino (2nd Gen) Automatic Stainless Steel Watch

The Orient Bambino has a vintage style to it.

It is minimalistic, yet has striking blue hands that give it an interesting contrast. With this watch being only $111 before shipping, it definitely is a cheaper option than the Vincero watch.

Just like the Vincero, this has a mineral crystal dial window. In this watch, it comes with an automatic movement.

Junghans Men’s Max Bill Stainless Steel Quartz Watch

Vincero Kleio

This watch, much like the Vincero, has a very minimalistic design.

If you’re willing to stretch your budget to $495 before shipping, then this would be a significant upgrade, with the same style.

This watch comes with a Swiss Quartz movement, which is a significant upgrade to what Vincero uses.

It definitely feels more luxurious in the hands than a Vincero watch. But then again, it is more than double the price.

Pagani Design (PD-2720K)

Pagani Design (PD-2720K)

If the Chrono S is the type of watch you’re looking for, but you can’t quite afford its price point, then this might be the one for you.

At only $57.99, this comes with impressive specs. Pretty crazy deal!

It has a Japanese Seiko VK67 Quartz Movement. This is actually surprisingly great for its price point.

Furthermore, it has a Hardlex dial window, which is stronger than mineral glass. It is also water resistant up to 30 meters.

Are Vincero Watches Worth It?

In the end, it’s up to you to decide whether a Vincero watch is worth it. While it is beautiful, it also has its shortcomings.

As mentioned in the reviews, it’s great for people who are not watch enthusiasts, however, it’s not without its drawbacks.

In fact, if you search the internet, you can find many opinions on Vincero from video reviews to blog posts.

All the designs are beautiful, and it was an interesting touch adding the Italian marble on the case back. Whether you prefer a Vincero Kairos or a Chrono S, you can definitely find something that will fit your look.

However, they do not meet their promise of not cutting corners for profit, and their watches are not exactly the best quality. But of course, just like any other company, they are growing and learning from their mistakes.

Nevertheless, I would say they are relatively high quality, and there is a good amount of quality control done by the company.

It is also relatively easy to find a discount by looking at sponsored reviews. They normally offer a 15-20% discount.

I made this Vincero watches review as honest and neutral as possible, and hopefully, I have opened the door for you to form your own opinions on Vincero.

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